Australian Bed Sizes

Australians are unique and so are their bed sizes. The Aussie Single is similar to the American Narrow Bunk but 1″ shorter. The Aussie Double is 1″ shorter than the American Double. The Aussie Queen has the same width & length as the American Queen Sofa but is presumably deeper. The Single Extra Long, King Single, and Aussie King are unique to Australia.

 Australian Bed Sizes


Similar To 

Width x Length 

Single  ≈ Narrow Bunk (USA) 36″ x 74″
Single Extra Long     36″ x 80″
King Single     42″ x 80″

≈ Full/Double (USA)

54″ x 74″
Aussie Queen Queen Sofa (USA)  60″ x 74″
Aussie King   72″ x 80″